Fun Fact: Paul (Xanadu Dragons and League Overlord) is a registered S.C.U.B.A. Diver.

Time Left Until Draft Day


Lio comic with the four horsemen.


Founded in 2006, Our Football League, or OFL for short, is a fantasy football league and this website has been built to house a multitude of facts adn records.  The OFL is meant to be difficult and fun, so if you can survive the first few weeks you might actually get some enjoyment from your experience.  But never be afraid to ask for help, the veterans in this league remember how hard it was to first play in the OFL so all are happy to help out.

The league, while centered around fantasy football, is not limited to fantasy football. Each year we also participate in things like the NCAA Men's College Basketball Bracket challenge and Fantasy NASCAR, plus we are always open for new ideas on what to do when there is no football.

Scheduling Information

Schedule Template

Here is the basic Schedule that I go by when I create the schedule each year. It says what type of game will be played each week.

2018 Strength of Schedule

Here is the Strength of Schedule for 2018.
**Could change based on teams not returning**

2018 Draft Order

Here is the Draft Order for 2018.
**Could change based on teams not returning**

The Naughty List

I have created The Naughty List to keep track of team owners who need a spanking. At this time The Naughty List has people who have not done their homework that was assigned via e-mail recently. You can see The Naughty List here.  

Just so you know I drilled holes in my paddle.  swish. . . .WHACK!!!!!! "Please sir, may I have another?"

Homework Assignment

Everyone has a homework assignment to accomplish ASAP. It is a two very simple things to do.
First I want you to write a short bio about yourself.  Nothing to fancy and about a paragraph long.
Second I want you to write a Fun Fact about yourself that is about one sentence long. 

When your are down with those e-mail them to me either through the link in the e-mail I sent or through the ESPN league site.

P.S. When you e-mail them to me I can put them on the website and take you off the Naughty List.

Lio comic with the four horsemen

Your League Overlord