Additional League Rules

  1. The league manager has final say in all matters, that is why I am the League Overlord!

  2. The possessor of the league trophy is responsible for its care and shipping to the next league champion.

  3. The league manager will happily post a picture of the league champion with the trophy or the trophies placement on the league website.

  4. It is each team owner's responsiblity to maintain the correct e-mail address on their ESPN profile so that they can receive e-mails from the league. I would also like to be informed of e-mail changes as I prefer to keep you up to date with things outside of ESPN.

  5. All trades occur with no overview or veto. You are responsible for accepting a trade, whether you understand it or not. If you have questions about a proposed trade ask myself or post a message on the league page. Caveat emptor bitches!

  6. Devon's Rule: Any team the league manager feels has not played in the previous three weeks could suffer one or more of the following penalties: Their team taken from them, their team moved to 16th over all at the start of the playoffs, their team moved to 16th overall for the next years draft and/or not be allowed to return the following year.

  7. If you have been thrown out of the league for violating "Devon's Rule", you may return if you serve one year probation as the co-owner of a team who is in good standing. If the owner in good standing says you worked hard, then you may return to the league as a team owner when there is an open team slot.

  8. If the league manager feels you are losing on purpose at any time, your team will be moved to 16th overall in the following years draft.

  9. The Pretender-So Rule: If a team is not returning than no returning team can trade with the team that is not returning once the playoffs start. This is to prevent player dumps by teams that are not returning to help stack the deck of teams that are coming back the next year.

League MVP Rules

  1. To be qualified as a nominee the team owner has to have played from the OFL draft to week 13.

  2. To nominate someone to be League MVP, put their name on the message board during weeks 14 and 15.

  3. No one may nominate themselves nor may anyone campaign for themselves. You may however campaign for your nominee (on the message board only).

  4. Voting for the League MVP will be held during Round 2 of the OFL playoffs.

  5. Nominee's are not allowed to vote for themselves to become the League MVP

  6. In case of a tie a straw poll will be held by sending an e-mail with your vote to the League Overlord within two days of a tie being declared.

  7. No one is allowed to nominate a player in return for their own nomination.