2016 Draft Order

The following is the draft order for 2016. The draft order is the inverse of the final standings from last year, with new teams drafting first and in the order they are accepted into the league.

Draft order is not final until I know how many teams are not returning!

  1. New Team 1: Brenda
  2. New Team 2: Tom
  3. Pink Panthers: Johnathon
  4. Victorious Secret: Liz
  5. Team So: Richard
  6. Clown Fish: Fish
  7. San Fransico Wizards: Chris
  8. Battle Masters: Jonce
  9. Xanadu Dragons: Paul
  10. Knee Wrecker: Danny
  11. Boats n Hoes: Rob
  12. Carolina Copperheads: Lauren
  13. AzKaban Penguins: Kathleen
  14. Camelot Fluffy Butts: Tina
  15. America Enforcers: Desir
  16. Haku's Herps: Andy